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girl_bait's Journal

Men who cook food to impress women
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Men who like to cook, talk about it here. Women who like food, pull up a fork!
This community was inspired by the excellent cook book, Les jules aux fourneaux - 270 recettes pour épater les copines by Albin Michel

Roughly translated / interpreted that's: Men on the range, 270 recipes for impressing girl friends. If you're offended by the community or its name, this probably isn't the community for you.

This is a place to talk about food. You are a man and you cook, come out of the closet and talk about it. You are a man who likes women who like food, yay! You are picky: take a load off. Women are welcome and encouraged to join, but the topics should have a basic theme of men and food. Men are welcome, single or otherwise, but everything should have a food theme. Restaurant talk is fair game. Food that women don't like is also fair game. Recipe sharing is excellent. Notions about different tastes and palate sensitivities between the genders is also most welcome. We can all use some cooking hints too! Stories, photographs (not work safe behind an LJ-cut please) are awesome. If you have recommendations about dishes that score you points with the ladies, please do tell. If there's something you wish your man would cook for you, let's hear it. You never know, he might tune in! Anything food related is welcome; low calorie, high calorie, high taste, low carb, low fat, vegan (if you must), ethnic, exotic, toxic, whatever!

Rules that are more like guidelines:

  • If your text is long (you be the judge) put some or all of it behind an LJ cut.

  • All pictures behind an LJ cut; 'thumbnails' are okay.

  • If you post photos that someone might find offensive, label them as NSFW (Not safe for work) please.

  • Please don't troll.

  • This isn't the place to talk about women's lib, feminism, global warming, male chauvinism, etc. There are other communities for that.

  • That's all for now, let's get cooking!