Kitty Cunningham (mary_mayhem) wrote in girl_bait,
Kitty Cunningham

I thought you'd like this


  • Confiture de groseilles de bar le duc

    For culinary specialties, the Lorraine is not really that famous. I mean, in France, the competition is stiff what, with the Bourgogne and all...…

  • Maple Cinnamon Bread Pudding

    8 large eggs 1 quart milk or 2 cans light coconut milk 1 c. sugar or 2/3 c. agave nectar 1 c. maple syrup (plus some for drizzling) 1 Tbsp vanilla…

  • Blog worth knowing about

    I have never met John Taylor, but we have had friends in common for decades. I do have a copy of his Charleston Receipts cookbook and it is a great…

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