Kitty Cunningham (mary_mayhem) wrote in girl_bait,
Kitty Cunningham

Introducing myself

My name is Kitty.

I am happily married to a man who cooks for me pretty frequently. We have recently realized that when one of us is tired of cooking (or just uninspired), the other usually is, so we eat dinner in restaurants about once a week for the fun of it, rather than because we aren't inclined to eat at home.

We are pescetarian, so you won't see me posting many recipes for chicken or red meat. Chuck, my husband, loathes the smell of animal fat and I don't care to participate in the corporate farming that is most of the American food industry. While I can buy local grass-fed chickens, beef, goat and pork, I really don't see any particular benefit to it, so there is no reason to inflict it on my sweetie.

We like good food and are willing to experiment. I'm looking forward to conversation here.

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