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Steam punk

Steam punk - there's a word.  It's another word that I hate while simultaneously  liking its mainstream meaning.  Kind of like...  organic, foot fetish and tax break (that last one is also an oxymoron).  I bought myself a pressure cooker!  It's the steampunk microwave oven!  I've been using it.  I've spent more time cleaning it than cooking with it because I keep scorching stuff which attaches itself to the bottom of the cooker like baked-on automobile enamel.  All comments, suggestions, and smart remarks are welcome.

So stuff I've made so far (asterisks denote full or semi failures, pluses represent eventual success, no marks means first time go!)

Apple sauce ***+
Apple jelly (actually a serendipitous discovery!)
Apple upside down cake *+
Couscous stuffed zucchini (yum!)
Improved couscous stuffed zucchini (yum yum!)
Chicken couscous
Pot au feu (boiled beef dinner that is supposed to cook all day in about 45 minutes)
Salmon with curry and spinach* (still came out edible, but scorched to the bottom of the cooker)
leeks for tarte au poireaux (leek pie?)
mashed potatoes
boiled water

I've also used it to sterilize canning jars.

I've heard that with a little creativity and some copper tubing, you can use it to make gin.

Tonight, I'm going to try Guinness beef stew (in 30 minutes).  Stay tuned...

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