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The good thing about end of summer

is the sales you can get on outdoor cooking gear. The bad thing, waiting to be able to use them.

I LOVE barbeque. Grilling is also a great way to cook but I don't use the two interchangeably. Grilling is a direct heat/high heat method of cooking. It makes good steaks, tenderloins, chicken bits, fajitas and amazing asparagus. Barbeque is low heat, long time and smokey. It's primarily for big fatty cuts of pork, beef brisket and ribs from either animal (though I prefer pork) Oh! and the occasional smoked chicken.

The problem was the size of my "Q" rig. I had a very nice Brinkmann water smoker. It could make some amazing meat but just not very much of it. I was pretty much limited to half a brisket, a pork butt or one chicken. Everything else was just too big.  This becomes a problem when you think about the time investment. Assuming I'm working on some pulled pork, I'm looking at an hour prep on the day prior and a solid 9-10 hours of tending the fire. See, here is the catch... that's the amount of work involved to make 1 lb of pulled pork (average yield of a 4-5lb butt) or 10 lbs. of pulled pork. So if I'm going to put in ~10 hours of work, I might as well have a party or enough pork to last me through the winter.

So when Gander Mountain kept dropping the price of their Char-Broil Silver Smoker and over the weekend we picked it up. It's in the garage in pieces and hopefully this weekend it will be ready for a run... I might have to get a rack of ribs, just because I can.
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