hekidanjo (hekidanjo) wrote in girl_bait,

As simple as it gets

We just got a Wegmans in Harrisburg and last night I finally got around to the dry aged, prime NY strip steak. Since we are trying to lose weight, my wife and I split the steak but the flavor made up for it. We had rain so I couldn't go 100% Fred Flintstone on it but a cast iron skillet that's been heated until it almost glows produces a very nice sear indeed. I seasoned the steak an hour before cooking, let it come up to temperature for the last half an hour. I added a little olive oil and unsalted butter to the skillet and gave it 4 minutes and 30 second per side and a 5 minute rest. It was a textbook perfect "rare" that was devoured so quickly that I have no pictures.
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